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Born to make card payment easy

Despite the growth of e-commerce and omnichannel sales, card payment terminals are the most common payment acceptance device in the world. And yet integrating and managing terminals to ECR can be a real pain.

Poplapay makes a difference by building a better product together. Our “API first” design philosophy enables easy and flexible system integration in a matter of minutes.

100% partnership driven
payment technology company

We believe the ECR providers and sales partners deserve a financial technology partner who truly knows how to make card payments easy anywhere, at any point of sale.

Our goal is to help you grow your business and client base. Our partnership programs fit any business model and serve your customers the way you choose with a fixed monthly fee.

Join the growing number of businesses from all industries and of all sizes that use our solutions to accept payments in-store, unattended and mobile worldwide.


Key figures

14 000


160 000

Transactions per day


Monthly transaction value





Poplapay has grown in a tough market

Having earned our spurs in both tech and business, we make card payments easy anywhere in the world.

Card schemes

Payment security

PCI DSS Level 1


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Poplapay Scores High In Integrator Survey

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