CloudPOS API is a slice of heaven

Poplapay was the first in Finland to offer a way of connecting the payment terminal and ECR system in the cloud. One of only a handful of companies in the business in Europe to master this, Poplapay is already backing 12 months of experience in delivering the CloudPOS API to integrators.

What is CloudPOS API? It’s simple: the CloudPOS API connects the payment terminal and ECR with the backend online (see graphic). This makes things easy for both the integrator and the merchant.

The number one improvement is wireless connection. Traditionally the service technician has had to crawl under, over, and behind shop fittings and furniture, drawing cable lines, and go nuts looking for the IP address. With CloudPOS API a payment terminal can now be integrated in a wireless network. For example the payment terminal can be connected on 3G and the ECR on WiFi – there is no need for a cable connection, sockets, or a subscription.

Just make sure you have a wireless connection available, enter the terminal ID in the ECR, and switch the terminal on. Could it be any simpler? Your technician will save a bunch on knee pads too.

Cloud is the way to go

For the business owner, CloudPOS API is a hustle-free choice. With it the sales transactions can be run on a desktop, tablet, or any other device with internet connection.

A growing number of Poplapay’s partner integrators are making the switch to CloudPOS API. The feedback from the field is unanimously positive. This leads to only one conclusion: cloud is the way to go!

Contact Poplapay for information on how to get CloudPOS API for yourself and for the merchants.

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