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Poplapay's "API first" philosophy means that our partners should be able to access all our data and functionality through APIs. These include POS APIs (local network and cloud), eCommerce APIs, and server APIs (transaction data and terminal/merchant management).


Protocol for connecting to the payment terminal, either directly via TCP or Bluetooth, or through the cloud. Used for purchases, refunds, printing and other operations performed directly on the payment terminal.


JSON-RPC Transport

Simple stream transport for JSON-RPC when connecting directly to the payment terminal without using WebSocket. Defines common conventions for all JSON-RPC connections.

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JSONPOS Integration Guide

Instructions for implementing a POS using JSONPOS in a manner that is robust and recovers automatically in error situations. Following this guide ensures there will be no lost or duplicate payments.

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FlexPOS Guide

FlexPOS is a collection of Poplapay’s JSONPOS API features. It allows features, such as upselling and asking for feedback, to be added to payment terminals.

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Server API

Server API allows reading transaction and settlement data, managing terminals and merchants, and eCommerce.

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Android SDK

Poplapay Android SDK can be used to implement Bluetooth connectivity to payment terminals such as SPm20, including the required network proxying functionality.

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Poplapay iOS SDK is currently being actively developed, and will provide Bluetooth connectivity to payment terminals such as SPm20. Please contact if you are interested in early access versions.

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Release notes

Terminal release notes

Payment terminal release notes detail the bugs fixed, changes made, and new functionality provided in each software release.

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