Every ECR integrator should have a verification terminal in active use

A verification terminal is a payment terminal used for the verification of ECR integration in production. It is the first one to receive a new version of the payment terminal software and it is used to ensure that the ECR operates flawlessly before distributing the payment terminal software to all payment terminals in the field. Every ECR integrator should have one verification terminal in active use. 

How does the distribution of the new payment terminal software version progress?

When a new payment terminal software version is released by Poplapay, the release notes of the version will be available for the resellers five days before the distribution to the zone 1 i.e. to the verification terminals. This will be announced via email. After this, the reseller will have five days to test the verification terminal.

We recommend that the verification terminal is in continuous use in a location where it can be easily replaced when necessary. In practice, the best solution is to have the payment terminal in the customer’s premises where there are plenty of daily transactions. Any problems can be identified better in real use.

If no problems occur in the ECR during these five days, the distribution will continue in batches to the payment terminals in the field.

If any problems occur, the reseller should message Poplapay immediately to support@poplapay.com. The terminal will be replaced, and the distribution will be interrupted if necessary.

We would like to remind you that following the terms and conditions of Poplapay’s integration guide is very important in order to avoid problem situations.

Where can you get a verification terminal?

Any Poplapay’s payment terminal can be used as a verification terminal. If there are already terminals in the field, the reseller can decide which one of them is used as a verification terminal. The reseller should notify Poplapay which customer is using the terminal, and its MAC address to support@poplapay.com.

If the reseller wants to use – against Poplapay’s recommendation – the verification terminal in their own premises, they should be in standby to test new software updates and accept the risk that the testing cannot be done in time. Also in this case, the reseller should also send the MAC address of the device by e-mail to support@poplapay.com. Note! From 2020 on, we no longer collect a service fee for the verification terminal (1 per ECR integration). 

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