Payment terminals provide an opportunity to grab customers’ attention

In many cases, payment terminals are the only contact point between a merchant and a customer. For a brief moment, each customer has to concentrate on the terminal screen. That’s the window of opportunity to exploit customers’ attention. 

Payment terminals are a small but mandatory part of every merchant’s business. If you have ditched the ‘cash only’ policy, you need a payment terminal to get the money flowing in for your services.

Even though a payment terminal is a relatively small part of a much larger ECR system, in most cases it is the most visible part for the customer. A customer doesn’t see what is happening behind the counter, but what s/he sees is a terminal screen and everything that is happening on it.

So, what can happen? Traditionally, all that is requested is the payment, which is indeed the most important part. But hardly the only one. Payment terminals can also tempt customers into buying additional products, ask how satisfied they were with the service, suggest a tip, and advertise job opportunities or some special offer. The possibilities are endless, yet few exploit their full potential.

Boost your business with FlexPOS for free

Besides all the basic requirements for easy integration, Poplapay offers its partners a possibility to create a unique competitive advantage. FlexPOS, usable free of charge, allows an ECR integrator to independently create customised features for payment terminals which support the ECR system. Partners can use FlexPOS however they like and bill merchants according to their own price lists.

FlexPOS case examples: 

Click on the titles to see illustrative examples on payment terminal screens.

If you’re interested in the development side, check our FlexPOS Guide for developers. 

FlexPOS allows a more effective use of the ECR system at different levels of interaction with the consumer, without increasing the number of devices. It can be used to provide unique features that strengthen the relationship between the ECR provider and the merchant.

Every payment made with a payment terminal is a lost customer encounter if the potential of the technology is not adequately exploited. This makes it important to make the best out of every encounter.

Go to our FlexPOS Guide and start building your unique competitive advantage. 

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