Case AD Finland: Digital leap in the car industry – a cloud service brings payment terminals to the car repair businesses

Thanks to the service, the car industry has taken a digital leap to this day. The groundbreaking online service, launched by AD Finland, offers something new to both car owners and car repair business owners, saves their time and lifts customer service to the next level.

Until now, car mechanics have been difficult professionals to reach, has they spend most of their day in a garage instead of an office. With the new online service, car owners can easily find repair shops and book a suitable service time without having to wait over the phone or visit the garage personally. What’s more, this gives the mechanics more time to focus on actual repair work.

“Our industry really needed a service like this. It is very typical for our industry that practices and operational models are very traditional. However, consumers have already gone digital and now repair businesses can follow suite. combines the needs of car owners and repair business owners and improves customer service throughout the industry,” says Antti Valtavaara, CEO of AD Finland, the company behind

Helping entrepreneurs

The online service works in the same way as popular hotel comparison websites: it lists car repair shops within a selected area and provides additional information on the businesses. It also doubles as a lightweight enterprise resource planning system that helps the car repair shops develop their businesses.

“We wanted to also give small business owners easy access to all the tools that they need. allows entrepreneurs to run their entire business. The cloud service is the key thing here,” says Valtavaara.

Thanks to Poplapay and the CloudPOS API, the garage owner gets access to reliable, easy-to-use integrated Yomani 3G payment terminals. The terminals are instantly ready for use. All the business owner has to do is to plug power to the unit and wait a few minutes – once done, the terminal is ready to receive card payments.

“For an entrepreneur, this is clearly the simplest and handiest way to work – the easiest solution I ever came across. Next, we are aiming for the international markets. AD International operates in over 40 European countries and my European colleagues have asked me to demonstrate the service to them,” says Antti Valtavaara.

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