Case OP Kassa: Match between a fintech company and a traditional bank

Financial technology, or fintech for short, has been expected to challenge and disrupt the established, stable business of tradition banks. Should the new solutions be embraced and seen as an opportunity rather than a threat, however? Combining the reputation, domain expertise and existing customer relationships of traditional banks with the innovation potential of agile technology companies, the result is even better and makes tailored products and services available to customers. OP Kassa is a prime example of a perfect match between the best of two worlds.

OP provides businesses a wide variety of financial services, ranging from banking services to insurances, funding, asset management and payments. OP Kassa is a concrete example of a service directed at merchants. OP Kassa provides tools for receiving payments, managing products and inventory, and general business monitoring and planning.

– Building everything from scratch by ourselves does not make much sense, and this is why OP Kassa has partnered with Poplapay. Poplapay’s high-quality Yomani payment terminals and reliable payment gateway together ensure that point-of-sale payments work smoothly, says Roope Luomala, Business Owner at OP Kassa.

Changes in consumer buying behavior set requirements for merchant tools

As competition gets tougher, even small companies have to market their products online – sales are made where the customers are. According to Luomala, there is a wide variety of solutions available for running a webstore or receiving payments. The problem is that these solutions rarely communicate with each other − not without extra effort, at least.

When there is no proper integration between the point-of-sale system and the webstore, merchants have to manually modify their product inventory, for example. In these cases, the entrepreneur’s time is not spent on tasks that add actual value to their business.

– OP Kassa has a built-in integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform. In the next months, we will also have support for the Vilkas, WooCommerce and Magento platforms. Products and inventories will then automatically synchronize between the systems. For entrepreneurs, this integration means less work, as product inventories are always up to date with sales, Luomala says.

E-commerce integrations are sought-after features in webstore solutions. Having the basics in place is also essential. This includes having a handy cash register system, good reporting features and fast, reliable payments.

– Our cooperation with Poplapay has improved payment processing speeds and reliability in physical stores. We can now provide Yomani payment terminals, which are already familiar to consumers. Also, the terminals can be integrated to point-of-sale systems with Poplapay’s cloud-based API. It’s actually quite incredible how fast the sale amount is transferred to the payment terminal from the point-of-sale application, Luomala says.

– The markets are in constant change. By bringing our expertise together, we can meet merchants’ needs today and in the future.

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