Case Posti: CloudPOS API as part of a modern and flexible ECR system

Posti, Finland’s leading provider of postal and logistics services, decided to modernise all of its ECR systems, including payment terminals, in one go. The previous system was cumbersome and difficult to develop further. The technology had reached the end of its lifecycle.

“We decided to renew the entire ECR system. Our outlet and ECR systems, and the payment terminals connected to them, used to form a single inseparable chunk, which meant that the elements couldn’t be developed individually. The system was obsolete,” senior consultant Juha Koskimies describes.

The entire setup was modernised by replacing Posti’s outlet system with a mobile solution. This was then linked to a SaaS-based mobile ECR system and payment terminals by means of Poplapay’s cloud API solution. The result was an environment in which payment solutions do not need to be changed even when developing the outlet system in line with Posti’s vision.

“Technology is no longer holding back development. The update prepares us for the future where systems are required to be more flexible than ever with the increasing popularity of self-service solutions, for example,” Koskimies says.

Mobile system streamlines the ECR infrastructure

The decision to implement the mobile solution was made due to flexibility and lower maintenance costs. The solution enables centralised management and technical support, which is a significant advantage in a situation where Posti’s outlets and sub-post offices are scattered across a large geographical area. Updates and payment-related troubleshooting can be performed remotely. The only thing that needs to be done on-site is to ensure that the payment terminal is switched on.

The tasks of Posti’s technical support department are also facilitated by Poplapay online tools. The browser-based system is versatile and provides Posti’s technical support with a robust set of tools. The support staff can use the online tools to add, replace and remove terminals from sales locations, view the status and information of terminals in all outlets easily, and analyse possible issues.

“Our support staff have praised the Poplapay online tools for their ease of use. We can use the tools to carry out most tasks and resolve any possible problems ourselves,” Koskimies says.

The fact that the system is mobile ensures that Posti’s fixed broadband is no longer needed for all new outlets and offices. A new facility can be set up quickly when no time is wasted on determining the availability of broadband and arranging its supply.

Aiming for nearly 400 payment terminals

All in all, the collaboration with Poplapay has been smooth, according to Senior Sourcing Manager Jari Matikainen at Posti.

“Fortunately Poplapay’s product portfolio included the CloudPOS API. Had we not found a payment terminal that could communicate with the CloudPOS solution, we would have had to start building a system of our own. That would have been a long and gruelling road.”

Currently, Poplapay’s terminals are being used in roughly 100 Posti outlets and offices, and more are being installed constantly. The ultimate total will be close to 400 terminals.

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