Case Solteq x PowerPark

Case Solteq: Speed and innovation of payments play a key role in an amusement park environment

PowerPark’s summer season 2020 is not only about a new roller coaster. The new ECR solution, Solteq Cloud POS, takes over the amusement park together with Poplapay’s payment terminals, driving the sales processes forward with a giant leap.

The hectic operation environment of amusement parks makes heavy demands on payment solutions. The ECR and payment terminals must be operative at all times because as much as 70 percent of the turnover needs to be generated in a few months. It is really important to include new payment methods and make sure the systems support them. “The use of MobilePay as a payment method has increased really fast and it will surely continue to increase”, says Antti Saarikoski, Director of Development at PowerPark.

Diversity and adaptability as selection criteria for the customer

PowerPark’s payment needs include a wide selection of operations from ticket sales to fine dining. In addition to the seasonal business, there is a shopping centre next to the park that operates throughout the year. The payment solutions need to be diverse and adaptable, and technology must not limit creativity but encourage it.

Poplapay’s reseller Solteq took the challenge for the first time in summer 2019 when the company’s ECR solution, Solteq Cloud POS, was tested in one of PowerPark’s busiest restaurants. The experiences were good, so it was easy and pleasant for all parties to decide to continue the cooperation. The whole of the old ECR system will be replaced by this new innovative solution in summer 2020.

Naturally, it is also time to update the payment terminals to match the new ECR solution. From Poplapay’s wide selection the all-in-one solution Valina is suited for self-service purpose. Yoximos are reserved for sudden sales needs and Yomani terminals are suitable for regular points of sales – there will be more than 60 of them in use. According to Solteq’s Sales Manager Mikko Roininen, the reliability, cost-efficiency, and modern technology of the payment terminals were key factors when choosing a supplier.

Modern technology enables creative processes

The staff turnover at PowerPark between seasons is approximately 50 percent, so it is important that the training of new staff will not take long. With the new ECR system and user-friendly payment terminals, it’s a matter of minutes. In addition to the user-friendliness, Solteq and Poplapay are praised for their reliability. Both companies listen to feedback and the product has indeed been improved by responding to the customer’s business needs.

The partnership between Solteq and Poplapay has been smooth and innovative. Both Roininen and Solteq’s Director of Sales and Business Development, Jani Naukkarinen, emphasize the importance of modern technology and way of thinking. The payment terminals look stylish and they are easy to integrate and put into operation. Poplapay’s interfaces have enabled developing the Solteq Cloud POS solution as well as the seamless communication between the payment terminals and the cloud-based ECR.

“Cooperation with Poplapay is easy. Regarding integrability, the operation has been really smooth – compared to many other payment terminal operators in the market. Innovation is key in a cloud-based service and as an integral part of it, a detail of huge importance in a payment terminal. Poplapay’s idea on payment terminal integrations and Solteq’s idea on developing a cloud-based product have crossed paths really nicely.” 

– Jani Naukkarinen, Director, Sales and Business Development, Solteq

Automation and smarter ordering in future

Significant factors in selecting a partner were also future prospects. “Poplapay’s interfaces and services enable new and innovative payment solutions also in the future”, says Roininen.

For the forthcoming season, we have improved the restaurant flow and the new system will send orders directly from the table to the kitchen. The technology also enables a so-called interactive ordering, where the system suggests additional products for customers even if the salesperson did not come to think of it. This makes it easier for less experienced salesforce to hop behind the ECR.

Regardless of the current situation, the expectations for summer 2020 are positive and enthusiastic. “I am really looking forward to get the whole orchestra to play. I strongly believe that our processes will improve in many places”, Saarikoski describes the situation.

Solteq specializes in business digitalization and industry-specific software. Solteq Cloud POS suits especially for cafeterias, lunch restaurants, supermarket chains, specialty good stores, events, and self-service needs. It is suitable for small and medium-sized business as well as large chains and operators. 

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