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Case Subway: fast food restaurant needs quick and reliable payment terminals

When your payment terminal has to process more than 100 card transactions per hour, being offline for just 15 minutes seriously undermines your business. A Subway franchisee in Tampere, Finland, relies on Poplapay’s payment terminals in his restaurants.

When a fast food restaurant is packed with hungry customers, the company’s payment terminals are put to a true test. The terminals must work reliably and swiftly, as an inpatient customer is likely to change the restaurant if the queue start building up.

”During the peak business hours, the payment terminal really has to keep up with the flow. At highest, we process as many as 150 payments per hour at our Subway restaurants. So, even short breaks in operation have an immediate effect on our bottom line,” says Subway franchisee Teemu Mäkelä from Tampere.

Mäkelä has selected Poplapay’s terminals for handling the card transactions in his restaurants. Mäkelä has been satisfied with the speed and reliability of the payments.

”Poplapay’s quick payment terminals really save the day during the rush. With a slower payment terminal, we would have to have two separate terminals in each restaurant. With Poplapay, one is enough,” says Mäkelä.

Quick deliveries and useful features

In addition to being fast with payment processing, Poplapay’s terminals are also delivered in a breeze. Both new and replacement devices can be set up for operation in just 15 minutes. When you are launching a new sales location, you really do not have to worry about the terminals months in advance.

”Deliveries are quick, but what I really love is that if I really need one right now, I could go and get a replacement device directly from Poplapay’s storage in Espoo or from one of their resellers. So, if you’re desperate for a terminal, your own speed is the only bottleneck,” Mäkelä says laughing.

Poplapay is also praised for being a flexible and dynamic partner.

”Poplapay has a truly new approach to its business. Even a small merchant’s development idea may get a direct response from the company CEO. That’s worlds away from waiting in a phone queue for hours. Service like this is something completely new in this business,” Mäkelä notes.

Mäkelä has keenly evaluated the new features provided by Poplapay’s payment terminals. Mäkelä’s terminals are already running helpful video clips and he is looking forward to the possibilities brought by Poplapay’s FlexPOS solution.

”FlexPOS allows collecting customer satisfaction feedback and making extra sales directly in the payment terminal. These are fantastic new features and I really can’t wait to have them in my restaurants!”

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