Case Suomalainen Kirjakauppa: Largest retail bookstore chain in Finland looks to the future and believes in mobile payment terminals

Payments should be unobtrusive, easy and quick. Waiting in a queue will become a thing of the past, believes a retail expert from the Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookstore.

Mobile payment terminals are becoming increasingly common because payments have to be possible wherever the customers are. The largest bookstore retail chain in Finland is currently testing Poplapay’s mobile Yoximo payment terminal.

”We have a growing need to receive payments also outside our normal retail locations. We have to be able to bring payment terminals to events held outside our store, for example,” says Timo Taulu, IT Services Manager for Suomalainen Kirjakauppa.

Taulu believes that mobile payment terminals will become more common also in traditional retail stores. With a mobile terminal, a sales person can complete a sale immediately after helping the customer find the correct title from the bookshelf. Examples of this trend include Apple’s retail outlets that have no physical checkout desks at all.

”Our goal is to conclude the interaction between a sales person and the customer by making the payment in the field. The payment is made in an instant and the customer does not have to walk up to a counter. Waiting in a queue to make a payment simply does not add any value to the customer.”

According to Taulu, sales persons already carry smartphones and tablets, so receiving mobile payments is the next logical step.

Years of fruitful cooperation

The Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookchain and Poplapay have worked together already for five years. All of the retail chain’s bookstores and registers already use Poplapay’s integrated Yomani payment terminals. The mobile Yoximo terminal integrated to POS via cloud is the next step in the cooperation.

Taulu highly values Poplapay’s agile operation and the fact that the company understands the possibilities of modern technology. The fact that Poplapay was able to provide Suomalainen Kirjakauppa with important features, such as credit for loyal customers, was one of the reasons why the company decided to start working with Poplapay. This particular feature allowed adding a credit payment option to the bookstore’s loyalty cards.

Poplapay’s APIs and reporting features also stand out.

”Interfaces and reporting services are very important for us. When you can automatically monitor customer payments, running everyday business becomes very efficient. We have 68 store locations and 225 payment terminals – all payments are currently monitored by just a single person,” Taulu explains.

Swift payment terminals and reliable transactions

Throughout the partnership, payments have been processed and money transferred without any problems. The rare occasions that have required follow-up were handled conveniently via Poplapay online tools.

”Payments have to be extremely reliable. When we are talking about consumers’ money, we have to be very accurate. Our customers have to be able to rely that everything works as it should.”

”Payments should be unobtrusive, easy and quick. With Poplapay, payments are just that,” Taulu concludes.

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