Case Adcode/Helppari: Payment terminals for outdoor festivals – faster and simpler paying increases sales

Poplapay rules summer events in Finland for the third year in a row and it’s no surprise – a great selection of payment terminals combined with the Poplapay online tools and a flexible system make setting up for sales quick and easy.

TKJ Oy from Tampere, Finland has supplied some 200 payment terminals to dozens of events this summer. CEO Kari Pellikka is indeed pleased:

– The feedback we get from our retailers is positive almost without exception. Especially at mass events our customers value the good connectivity – 3G is a safer bet. As the festival goers’ phones are set by default to 4G, the 3G network to which the Poplapay terminals are connected isn’t congested, and paying for food, drink and merchandise runs smoothly.

Pellikka reminds a part of the terminals can be connected to 3G and the rest to WiFi, just to be sure. Configuring the devices on Poplatek online tools is simple, Pellikka tells.

Adcode from Helsinki handled the card and cashless payments for some of the biggest outdoor festivals of 2018 in Finland, all on Poplapay terminals. Adcode Sales Director Antti Soisalo praises the Poplapay online tools payment terminal management software:

Poplapay online tools are just fantastic! We can react immediately if there’s a problem, even during the event. If a card payment hasn’t gone through because of a network glitch, the business owner can verify if the transaction was completed on Poplapay online tools, in real time!

Cash comes with risks – Cashless is the new standard

Both Pellikka and Soisalo talk about the disruption of paying methods at mass events. Trials are being conducted everywhere and both business owners and the public are interested in the benefits of the new methods. Soisalo:

– Cashless is now the new standard. Faster and simpler paying is increasing sales.

Pellikka sums up their partnership with Poplapay:

– We have only good things to say about Poplapay! We’ve sold every kind of payment terminal during our years and no one else can make business this easy. Everything works, we have free hands to design our package, these guys are professionals and know how to help every kind of customer. I seriously hope people understand Poplapay isn’t like the others!


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