Case Kassamagneetti: In the HoReCa business payment terminals need to be set up and closed quickly

Poplapay online tools enable a payment terminal to be set up or closed within 15 minutes. This record-short delay is a profitable safety net for the retailer. For the integrator it is a killer sales feature.

Kassamagneetti is Finland’s largest provider of payment solutions in the hotel, restaurant, and catering segment. The market leader’s merchant agreement combining Poplapay’s payment terminal and Bambora’s Acceptance sales ID allow the business owner continue sales with almost no delay. Poplapay’s ‘Terminal In 15’ service is a huge asset for the integrator.

– This is really big, I can’t even remember what it was like before. The service benefits both existing and new customers. Terminals can be replaced on the fly, says Kima Luoma, payment terminal expert at Kassamagneetti.

Late in the game? It’s still game on!

Sometimes a business owner wakes up to a shop opening approaching fast, with everything else set up but the payment system. Without a payment terminal a big chunk of sales could be lost. At times like this it’s critical to have a reliable partner with a fast process to save the day.

Other providers couldn’t dream of setting up a package, let alone have it up and running this fast.

Poplapay’s integrators can guarantee the delivery of a payment terminal for the next morning, but the industry standard is usually 1-4 days depending on how a provider is stocked. Even a couple of weeks to get a terminal isn’t uncommon, Kima tells.

An integrator must be ready to serve their customer fast. Kassamagneetti is attracting an increasing number of new customers with their swift turnaround time in delivering payment terminals. Existing customers benefit from fast service when terminals needs to be replaced. Short delay means little or no impact on business.

In the HoReCa business payment terminals get splashed down on the regular. Waiting to be let pay can be enough to turn a patron’s service experience one-eighty, and a business owner simply can’t wait days, let alone weeks to get a replacement terminal, explains Kirsi Andström, another expert on payment terminals at Kassamagneetti.

Information Security Packaged With Simplicity

Even if the system is designed to set up quickly, information security is never compromised. Only needed data is collected and no additional personal information has to be submitted. Kassamagneetti instructs their customers in information security to know what is important and why.

The professionals at Kassamagneetti think Poplapay’s register has made their work easier and more flexible.

– Integrators used to have to really drive their agenda and make sure every deal happened as sold. Now, after the agreement is signed, everything happens automatically. We know what is going on and where, and there are no loose ends, Kima purrs.

Terminal management on Poplapay online tools

The Poplapay payment terminal register is updated every 15 minutes, 24/7. A new update goes online every hour on the hour, a quarter past, half past and 15 minutes to the hour. If a payment terminal is activated on Poplapay online tools at 13:12, it is set up and ready for use at 13:15. Switch off and reboot a terminal to install updates – your terminal is now fresh and ready for business.

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