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Case Note Shot: New kind of an ECR solution enables upselling and swift feedback in a payment terminal

The ECR system supplier Note Shot Oy listened to retailers and came forth with a new kind of a ECR solution. This feat was made possible by Poplapay’s CloudPOS and FlexPOS APIs. The retailer no longer needs a traditional merchant or additional devices – the payment terminal does it all.

The Note Shot e-kassa.fi system is now available with a MiniPOS feature. This means all important features of a traditional merchant ECR are now available in a payment terminal and go where the sales person goes. The payment terminal can print a receipt, calculate the VAT, compile reports and update stock.

– Retailers can access their backend online. Adjustments, such as updating the price list can be made on the fly without having to reprogram the payment terminal, says Sales Director Jaakko Turunen, expert on payment solutions at Poplapay.

The E-kassa.fi is a sensible choice, doing away with the need for the usual array of dedicated devices. Even if the E-kassa.fi solution is happily mobile it also lends itself to desktop use if the retailer’s product selection is limited. This new MiniPOS is especially handy for events, home calls, market traders, taxis, trade shows and restaurants with sales at the table.

Marko Tuovila, Product Manager at Note Shot, uses pizza delivery as an example:

– When the delivery person hands over the pizza, they can upsell a soda and a dip sauce. The customer can pay with cash or card and they get a printed receipt for their purchase on the spot. E-kassa then updates the pizzeria drink stock.

There’s a long-standing demand for this!

Events, house calls and online sales all require flexible and simple solutions. At the same time brick and mortar stores with a counter and a heavy merchant device are a declining trend.

The E-kassa.fi MiniPOS was made possible by Poplapay’s CloudPOS and FlexPOS. The ECR system and the payment terminal are now connected with FlexPOS. The ECR system can for example display images, text or a menu on the payment terminal.

– The E-kassa was developed to answer a clear demand from the retailers, a service like this has been requested for a long time. With the help of FlexPOS we can finally offer a simple and effective ECR and payment solution, Marko Tuovila explains.

– Poplapay provides the retailers with tools to get the most out of their payment terminals quickly and cost-efficiently. With solutions such as FlexPOS Poplapay can create unique services to boost sales or collect customer feedback, says Jaakko Turunen.

There is already a great interest in the MiniPOS of E-kassa.fi, and Note Shot has already signed deals for next summer’s events.

– We sometimes get next-day requests for a ECR system. Poplapay is a quick and flexible partner and they enable us to deliver and set up an E-kassa or another CloudPOS service very fast.

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