Case Tehden: Beautiful business from partnership – Poplapay stands out as an innovative company with top-level expertise

Tehden Oy employs 28 people in Turku, Finland, designing dedicated business software solutions in the cloud for enterprises in retail and wellness. Starting out in 2013 with a software helping their customers in beauty and wellness order the right product in the right quantity, Tehden’s business focus soon shifted to more comprehensive solutions. Today a clientele of some 800 businesses use Tehden’s modular ECR/ERP solutions.

While still catering to the beauty salon segment, Tehden has grown a clientele of resellers and chains from various different segments and sizes from boutiques to big box stores. A number of points of sale can be connected to the Tehden system, enabling real-time management of a chain of stores from any location at any time.

Tehden was one of the first retailers to join Poplapay. When it became apparent to Tehden they would need help with payment terminals, Poplapay stood out as an innovative company with shared values and top-level expertise.

Poplapay is a dynamic partner, a pioneer in payment terminal integration, and we immediately felt a kinship with them.

– Tehden’s Sales Director Matti Pajula

With 90 % of Tehden’s customers looking for an integrated payment terminal, Poplapay has always delivered. Matti Pajula: -I remember times when a customer has been in dire need of a payment terminal and somebody from Poplapay’s sales team has hopped in a taxi just to deliver it on time!

Pajula talks about Poplapay’s commitment beyond putting out fires: -Progress is very important to Tehden and Poplapay pushes forward alongside with constant innovations and acquiring updates.

If a payment terminal is down, business suffers. Poplapay will happily agree to ship terminals directly to Tehden’s customers, if it’s what the customer wants.

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