Reseller survey: customer service performs well but there’s also room for improvement

Year after year, Poplapay online tools and Poplapay’s customer service get positive ratings from Poplapay’s resellers. In the latest survey, conducted in summer 2019, the overall quality of customer service was put to special focus.

”Poplapay’s sales figures are on a constant, steady rise. While we are delivering more and more payment terminals, we want to maintain high-quality customer service. That is why this year’s reseller survey puts special focus on customer service and its quality,” says Jaakko Turunen, Sales and Marketing Director at Poplapay.

Traditionally, Poplapay’s customer service has received commendable ratings from resellers. The same applies this year. A clear majority of resellers find that Poplapay’s customer service as a whole is on excellent level. The response times of customer support are good or very good, and the resellers feel that customer support opening hours or service channels do not need any major changes.

When something goes wrong, is there to help

Despite the good overall ratings, Poplapay wants to take its customer support even further. The reseller survey results also indicate that there is room for improvement. Resellers say that more communication is needed especially in cases of prolonged error situations. Sometimes different languages become a barrier between Poplapay developers and resellers.

”My advice is to subscribe to the error status bulletins at The website contains up-to-date information on errors, including the root causes of errors and details on how they were resolved. The primary language on the website is English, but we also provide information in Finnish as necessary,” says Turunen.

At best, payment terminals delivered in just five minutes

Survey results indicate that both new and replacement payment terminal deliveries are swift and smooth. Reseller satisfaction comes as little surprise, considering that if an order comes in before 1pm on a weekday, the unit is shipped that same day. When the payment terminal reaches the reseller, the device is instantly ready for use.

”If the reseller has its own terminals in stock, a replacement unit can be delivered in as little as five minutes,” Turunen estimates.

Just like previous years, the latest survey says that resellers are happy with Poplapay online tools and find the service useful.

”Poplapay online tools provides resellers with an exceptionally advanced set of tools. Resellers can independently complete actions that used to require help from the supplier’s customer services. This makes resellers’ own customer service much faster and more straightforward,” Turunen concludes.

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