Poplapay Scores High In Integrator Survey

Poplapay scored high in the integrator survey conducted in the summer of 2018. Respondents point out customer service, ECR integration and the Poplapay online tools payment terminal management app as excellent.

–I am particularly pleased the things we had focused on stood out in the survey. Happy customers are a testament to our work, Poplapay’s Sales Director Jaakko Turunen rejoices.

In terms of the response time and expertise of customer service, integrators awarded Poplapay fours and fives out of a maximum of five. Communication and sales also received high scores.

Turunen says the Poplapay online tools app supports good customer service. A lot of questions and issues, which would typically require calling in or typing an email can be handled in the online tools.

–Pleased customers encourage us to actively develop our online toolkit. We welcome ideas and suggestions, Turunen says.

The ECR integration is also being updated and improved. The integration interface is always the same, regardless of who made the terminal device.

A significant addition is the CloudPOS API, an online interface connecting the ECR and the payment terminal wirelessly.

–The CloudPOS API is made for browser-based points of sale. The CloudPOS API can be run on a mobile phone with an online ECR. The two are connected in the cloud. Many integrators are happy having made the switch to CloudPOS API, Turunen tells.

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