Production test terminal

The production test terminal makes testing easy

The production test terminal is a payment terminal used for testing the ECR integration.

Why should you own one? We listed 3 most important benefits: 

  1. It makes testing easy. The production test terminal can be used for testing different error codes and transactions. This will promote smooth transactions!
  2. Any payment terminal can be changed into a production test terminal.
    This means that a separate development terminal is not needed.
  3. The terminal is not tied to the test environment. You can always return it back to normal use.

This means that the production test terminal is a normal payment terminal that is configured to approve only Poplapay’s production test card. Programming takes place in the same manner than in production and the API Endpoint is the same one.

The production test terminal is connected to a simulator that responds to the authorization checks and receives the settlements. This means that you can see all the transactions at Poplapay online tools although the simulator is not transferring any real money. If you are interested in testing error codes, go to our developer site to get more details.

Our production test terminal guarantees that your business is flowing smoothly.

Where can I get a production test terminal?

 You have two good options:

  1. Your current terminal can be changed into a production test terminal by reconfiguration. Send a message to Poplapay’s support and provide the terminal hardware ID / serial number.

    This way you can also release the production test terminal back to normal use. Please do not hesitate to contact our support in this case.

  2. You can order any new payment terminal to be used as a production test terminal. Contact Poplapay’s support You need to purchase the payment terminal, but it does not include any monthly charge.

So now it is about time to get your production test terminal! If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.

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