Why choose CloudPOS API and how to get started?

CloudPOS API is a way to connect a payment terminal and an ECR system. It is wise to take the connection to the payment terminal via cloud regardless of whether the ECR is running in the cloud or locally. CloudPOS API can be reached from the ECR backend and it is a remarkably more flexible option than a connection via LAN.

A major advantage of using the cloud is a wireless connection. Contrary to the traditional way, where the technician had to draw cable lines and look for the IP address, CloudPOS API enables a payment terminal to be integrated in a wireless network. For example, the payment terminal can be connected on 3G and the ECR on WiFi.

How to get started?

There are two CloudPOS API credentials to choose from:

For resellers: You save the credentials to your own server (ECR backend) and don’t share them with the merchants. With these credentials you have access to all merchants in the same place.

For merchants: You give each merchant their own individual credentials.

How to place an order:

New order:

If you are ordering new payment terminals, write into Additional information (lower text box) that you need CloudPOS API credentials. Specify whether you need credentials for your own use or for merchants. When your order is accepted, we get all the needed IDs for the creation of the credentials. If you made the order via Poplapay online tools, send us a PGP key for the encryption of your password to our email address You can find the instructions below.

Change to your current payment terminals:

If you wish to use your current terminals through CloudPOS API, send us a message asking for CloudPOS API credentials to our email address: Specify whether you need credentials for your own use or for the merchants. In the same email, send us a PGP key for the encryption of your password. You can find the instructions below.

Instructions for PGP encryption:

We recommend that you send us a public PGP encrypted key (txt file) so that we can send you your own password in the most information secure manner. We recommend this approach as sending a password via a text message is a big information security risk. If the password ends up in the wrong hands, the worst case scenario is that the abuser has access to all of your payment terminals. Thus, Poplapay does not take responsibility for the passwords sent via text messages.

Generate a PGP key for example by using the GPG tool. This way you will get two keys: a public and a private key. Send the public key (txt file) to us. We will use it to encrypt your password, which we will then send back to you. When you receive the encrypted password, you can use the private key to decrypt it. You’ll end up with a secure 32-character password. Unlike from a phone screen, it is also easier for you to copy and save the password this way.

The most important thing is to act early! You will get the credentials in one week.

If you want to know more about CloudPOS API, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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