Why choose CloudPOS API and how to get started?

CloudPOS API enables a quick and easy connection between the ECR and the payment terminal. The connection between the ECR and the payment terminal is created through Poplapay’s AWS cloud service.

We recommend that a cloud-based connection is used regardless of whether the ECR system operates locally or e.g. through a browser. The cloud-based connection is significantly more flexible than a connection that is created through a local network.

The benefits of CloudPOS API are evident: The payment terminal and the ECR can be connected to the network through different means. For example, the payment terminal can use a mobile network, whilst the ECR uses WiFi. The ECR will find the payment terminal based on the Terminal ID, not the IP address. As the ECR cannot lose the IP address e.g. due to a network error, the need to contact the customer service will decrease.

For the ECR to be able to establish a connection with the payment terminal through the cloud service, an account to the CloudPOS service and a Terminal ID are needed. Various rights can be granted to individual CloudPOS accounts based on the selected user level. More detailed information on the selection and ordering of accounts and user right levels can be found below.

Selection and ordering of accounts:

There are three available options: The first two apply to those Poplapay resellers (ECR integrators), who sell their own ECR system. The third applies to situations where the ECR solution is being sold by some other party than an ECR integrator, and the reseller has the right to add Poplapay’s payment terminals to the ECR solution.

  1. The ECR integrator does not disclose the CloudPOS account to the merchants, but saves it on its own server (ECR backend). The ECR integrator is responsible for installing the payment terminals in the right ECR. In this case, one account (a channel account) is sufficient. 
  2. The merchant is given the opportunity to install payment terminals in the ECR independently, in which case the password of the CloudPOS account is visible to the merchant. In this case, an individual account (a merchant account) must be ordered for each merchant. 
  3. The ECR supplier (the ECR integrator) has its own resellers, who also sell the payment terminals for the ECR solution. In this case, the correct option depends on whether the ECR supplier can see, for customer service purposes, the details of the payment terminals that the reseller has sold and make the necessary changes to them.
          a) The ECR supplier sees the details of the merchants → The ECR supplier requests an account (a sub-channel) from Poplapay that is used to establish terminal connections between the devices supplied by the reseller in the said ECR integration. In other words, no additional actions are needed in case of new merchants.
         b) The ECR supplier does not see the details of the merchant → The reseller must always specify the desired ECR integration in the Additional information field of the order in the Poplapay online tools service in the case of new merchants. Poplapay will then add the rights of the new merchant to the existing account of the ECR integrator. 

CloudPOS accounts can be ordered by contacting our support

Specify in your message:

  • The recipient of the account (if not the same as the person who submitted the order)
  • Phone number in an international format. Please note! The password will be sent to this phone number as a text message.
  • The name of the ECR supplier and the ECR (especially important regarding the so called sub-channel)

Please place your order in good time!
Poplapay will create the account and send you its username and password within one week from the order.

If you want to know more about CloudPOS API, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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