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const c = new WebSocket(
'wss://', ['jsonrpc2.0']
jsonrpc: '2.0',
method: 'Purchase',
params: {
amount: 150,
currency: 978,
receipt_id: 15335

Feature highlights

  • Payment terminals for every sales environment

  • Online tools for managing terminals and merchant customers

  • Easy terminal integration through cloud or locally

  • New merchant up and running in 15 minutes

  • Zero configuration at merchant's site

  • Build custom interactions in the terminal

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We believe the world needs a 100% partnership driven technology company fully focused on payment terminals services.

Poplapay is the go-to partner for companies that want to add payment terminals to their product offering. We build our service on best-of-breed payment terminals and acquirers to provide the perfect solution for anyone accepting card payments.

With its versatile features and modern APIs Poplapay is compatible with any existing POS, mPOS and payment systems. Poplapay offers scalable online tools for managing payment terminals, clients and sales data, helping you build the best possible product for your merchants.

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We <3 developers

Our design philosophy is API first. Poplapay enables easy and flexible system integration in a matter of minutes. It comes with detailed documentation, convenient libraries and a virtual terminal for development and testing.

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Your client, your solution

Poplapay’s business model is based on long-lasting partnerships and a transparent fixed monthly fee. Poplapay enables you to freely brand and customise your payment solution, customer service and pricing.

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Proven track record

We’ve made it in one of the world’s toughest markets. As an experienced fintech company with unique strategy and technology, we know how to make card payments easy anywhere, at any point of sale.

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Level up with Poplapay online tools demo!

  • Manage payment terminals

  • Realtime information

  • Complete support documentation

  • Online sales reports and card sales overview